My vision for education is that it should prioritize cultural exploration, self-mindedness, innovation and collaboration, while studying the craft of music.

 Teaching songwriting and lyric writing techniques at the Bundesrealgymnasium (BRG) in Spittal/Drau, Austria.

Teaching songwriting and lyric writing techniques at the Bundesrealgymnasium (BRG) in Spittal/Drau, Austria.

Teaching music production using Ableton at Yamaha Music School Valencia in Valencia, Spain. 

 Teaching  songwriting at Royal College in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

Teaching  songwriting at Royal College in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 


Through Alper's international background and deep knowledge of diverse music styles and languages, these workshops aim to inspire students of any practice to cultivate a curiosity for innovation, artisanship and collaboration, while providing an inclusive and open minded learning space.  By creating such learning experiences,  the purpose is to have students ultimately thrive not only artistically, but also as a person. 



This masterclass aims to equip the students with basic tools to produce an original song with at least two contrasting sections, utilizing MIDI instruments, audio tracks and automation. The class will feature step-by-step instruction with interactive listening sessions and Q&A.



As some of the oldest content creators and storytellers in history, artists can utilize a combination of branding and content creation to differentiate themselves. This masterclass will focus on strategies to create a consistent brand, story and visual identity for artists, which can be used to develop compelling social media strategy, sponsorships and ultimately, new revenue streams for the artist.


This workshop will be an introduction to basic songwriting and lyric writing techniques. Students will develop a sense of form, melody, harmony, rhythm and motivic development. Moreover, the students will also be introduced to lyric writing concepts such as rhythm, rhyme, and form. This workshop will also touch upon uses of form, approaches to hooks, writing to existing melody and collaboration. 



This workshop is a collection of best practices to obtain the optimum results of a collaboration between a vocalist and guitar player. These principles can also be applied and expanded for larger ensemble formats. 

The workshop was very well conceived and organized, a perfect balance between the creativity and technicality. What I liked the most was that Alper explained very well his songwriting techniques - from having an inspiration and coming up with a song structure, to transferring this inspiration into musical ideas and achieving certain sound. He explained in details why he made certain technical decisions in order to better support his creative ideas. He showed through examples in Ableton how same ideas can be expressed different ways sound-wise, he shared his logic behind choosing one over another idea in order to better support the overall growth of the song.

The workshop was very interactive, all questions were answered thoughtfully, in details, and with fluency using Ableton. For example, to answer one of the questions, Alper brought a guest who played a Saz/Baglama performing an old Turkish melody that was transformed in Alper’s song.
— Gergana Hunt - Audio Visual Lead, Harvard University + Fulbright Association Board of Directors (Cambridge, MA)
This workshop was very insightful in terms of making a groove from the scratch along with some interesting concepts of electronic production in Ableton Live. The session was fun, informative and inspiring. I am thankful for having the opportunity to attend the workshop!
— Srishti Biyani - Producer, Performer and Student at Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA)
Alper put definition and meaning to some techniques that I already used but also opened my eyes to new ways to make people feel what I am feeling when I’m writing songs and to convey the message better. It freed me from certain restrictions that I had put on myself about number of lines, words in a song. and how everything doesn’t always have to rhyme. His method of teaching is very interactive and his examples are very precise so its easy to grasp everything. Didn’t feel awkward to ask questions and the atmosphere was very friendly. I would certainly go for one more of his lectures on advanced techniques.
— Sankha Bee - Songwriter (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
It was great that the workshop was conducted by a successful songwriter in United States. The initially dry theory was sweetened at the end by examples. This workshop inspired us to put ourselves to compose something!
—  Fabian & Reinhard - Songwriters and Students at BRG High school (SPITTAL/DRAU, AUSTRIA)

Alper explains music production techniques using Ableton Live. 


Yamaha Music School Valencia - Valencia, Spain

BRG  - Spittal an der Drau, Austria

Royal College - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sooriya Village - Colombo, Sri Lanka

Bozburun Yacht Club - Bozburun, Turkey


Harvard University - Cambridge, MA

Simmons College - Boston, MA

iZotope - Cambridge, MA

Mmmmaven - Cambridge, MA

Digital Media Academy - Cambridge, MA